A Tribute To Mr. L

Mr. "L" was very loved in the Billings Community. He was always willing to help anyone in the community. Raising goats for the FFA and 4-H kids to show,and leading the Billings High School FCA are just a few of the ways he contributed to the community. His students and fellow staff adored him greatly. He left an unforgettable mark in the town of Billings and in the lives of anyone he encountered. He never knew a stranger, he was friends with everyone. We are very thankful to have had the time with him that we did, although it was cut short. 
A few of the students were asked to name their favorite stories about Mr. "L" and they came up with some that made smiles cross the room. 
Mr. "L" was never caught in anything other than his famous basketball shorts, cut off t-shirt, and baseball cap in the summer time. To honor him, in the 2016 Local FFA Livestock Show, all of the showmen wore cut offs and basketball shorts under their show clothes. Since everyone shows goats, when it came time for that show, Mr. D called everyone to the arena. When given the signal, the kids revealed that they would be showing for Mr. "L" that day. It was a very emotional way to start the season, but we all enjoy the memory and thought of our old friend being there with us.
At one point in the school year, Mr. "L" had a plastic blue cup that would sit on his desk. One day, a student knocked the cup over and for some unknown reason, she ended up accidentally knocking it over every day. Soon after, her younger sisters ended up knocking the cup over, too. Eventually, Mr. "L" got tired of setting the cup up and took it to his truck so that no one could knock it over again. 
He was a very active and passionate man; never to be found doing "nothing". He could be found at the school FFA farm giving vaccinations or taking care of newborn kids, walking the streets to find cans for the FCA can drive, or up at the school helping students and teachers with anything they needed. 

Mr. "L", you are greatly missed and will never be forgotten. We miss that smile, that laugh with the slap of the knee, and the sound of that absurdly heavy key-chain of yours that told us you were nearby. Forever in our hearts, forever on our minds. 


Michael 'Mr. "L"' Lounsbury