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April 16th -- Elementary goes to Leonardo's Children Museum

April 18th High School Prom at 6:00
(If you ordered a Prom glass please pay by Thursday the 16th. )

April 24th & 25th -- OSU Vet Med Contest

April 28th & 29th FFA State Convention

Elementary substitute teacher needed for Billings Public School. Please call: 580-725-3271 if interested.

A reminder that the Billings High school will not have school on the Fridays of April


Mission Statement

We believe that all children-can and do-want to learn, when provided appropriate nurturing. We are convinced that this should be a cooperative venture linking the needs of home, school, and community. It is the mission of Billings Elementary to provide a safe learning environment in which children can develop academically, socially, emotionally, and physically to their fullest potential.



Mission Statement

Middle School/High School 

Believing that all children-can and do-want to learn, we at Billings Middle School/High School enthusiastically accept the responsibility of providing a safe and orderly environment for that learning to develop. We view education as a life-long process in which we play a vital role in preparing the student to make sound decisions defining his/her place academically, physically, socially, vocationally, morally, and culturally in an increasing complex, yet compact internationally community. We are convinced that this should be a cooperative venture, linking the needs of home, school, and the community to the aspirations of the student.

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